Horizontal scroll bar is too small

The horizontal scroll bar is too small, which makes it difficult for me to aim when I want to drag. I think we can make the scroll bar thicker when the mouse is close, or directly make the scroll bar thicker, or other more convenient ways.
PS: Although the vertical scroll bar is also very thin, you can directly drag the left side of the mouse when the screen is full, and there is not much impact when using it (but it may have a certain impact on users who are familiar with using small windows or multi screens)

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@qiao thanks for sharing your feedback. Could you indicate what OS and version of the OS you are using? On Windows I find the horizontal scrollbar narrow, but not too small for my taste and use. It might be possible to increase the size of the scrollbar upon mouse over as described here for the developers’ reference:

css - Cannot change width of a custom scrollbar on hover using ::-webkit-scrollbar:hover - Stack Overflow

I use windows10,the version may be 21H10

Thanks! Shall I turn this into a feature request to “increase the width of (horizontal) scrollbars” and update the title to reflect this?

Yes,I think so.Meanwhile,I can also accept a scheme similar to holding down the ALT key and rolling the mouse wheel to move the view left and right. I have seen this scheme in other applications.I hope my opinion can help you.:smile:

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