Highlight external links


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It is not. It’s just a feature request.

Describe the solution you’d like

The current styling does not differentiate between links to pages within Anytype and links to external web pages. It would be great if external links could be highlighted to make it easier to differentiate between the two.

This is how links look in Anytype 0.18.1:

links in Anytype

And this is how an external link is styled in Obsidian:

links in Obsidian

Adding the same icon to external links in Anytype would be my preferred solution as it is a common practice in many editors.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

When an icon is added to a page it is also displayed in front of the link, which is the workaround that I am currently using to differentiate between the two. But I am still wondering sometimes if something is an external link or if I forgot the icon.

Thanks so much.



Done in the latest release on Desktop! Thank you @jandavid for request!


Thanks @Vova, the links look great! :hearts:

May I get a clarification in how I can make such difference in the link style. I couldn’t make the icon/highlight shows up when pasting external links on Mac.

Or has it not been implemented yet?