Highlight and link to existing object, or convert into object

Part of this MIGHT be a bug.

I created a line of text, and I wanted a specific word in there to be linked to another object. my feeling was that I should be able to select some text in a sentance, then convert that into an object, or link to an existing object. Instead of using the selected word, it highlighted the entire sentance and converted it to an object (this might be a bug, or working as designed) But I would expect (from a usibilty standpoint) if I select a word or part of a sentance, that the tagging i was performing would only be affecting what I have highlighted.

The first picture shows me highlighting “dave” to turn into a contact object called “dave” however, it turned the entire sentance into a contact object (as shown in second picture. also, my suggestion would be to add another menu item into the dropdown, called “link to existing object” which would have a listing of all object called “dave” (contacts, humans, movies, etc)


It will be a very useful thing.

You can do this by typing @name_of_object in the text -

Then clicking on Create new object will lead to the new object, but just with the text you typed after @:

I do agree that it could be made clearer how to do this.

I agree that some kind of distinction needs to be made between block level and text level editing. See a different issue caused by confusion between block level and text level styling:

See also this interesting long-read by Oshyan on a possible solution to this confusion:

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@momo could you please check whether this functionality is what you are looking for?