Hierarchical Structure

Hi, In the sample data that is included in the install, there is like a hierarchical structure of the objects. For example, if I open the “Get started” object, I see a tree on the right that includes antother object called “Connect Everything with Relations”, under this object another object called “Sort, Filter, & Edit Objects with Sets” is placed etc. How is this hierarchical structure built? I have looked in the properties of each object but couldn’t find any obvious link between them… Thanks for any clarification.

You can make this structure through links to other objects. Use the /link (to object) option in the slash menu and start typing to search for an object to link to.

Thanks for the reply. Why then don’t I see the link in the objects that are present in the sample data?
Also, if I define the structure with the /link option, what kind of link does it create: parent, child or sibling?

If you add link in Object A to Object B, on Object B should be a child of Object A.

Ok! And Siblings would then be created through Tags and by creating corresponding Sets?

Quite a late reply (never posted this draft…)

Yep, you could see it that way!

Objects with the same tag or more specifically, a Relation (for example of type Tag) with the same value are “siblings” as they will show up in the same Set (where you can filter on Object Type and optionally on Relation values), but they could simultaneously be child-parent if you have a link from one sibling to the other (clickable text or “link to Object”).

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