Hide menu bar on Linux and Windows

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not much of a problem but more of a UX/UI quality of life improvement. The menu bar breaks the beautiful flow of Anytype and I yet have to actually use it.

Describe the solution you’d like

It would be great to have the option to hide the menu bar just like you do in other electron apps like VSCode for example. Obviously the menu bar has its uses so a shortcut to show it (usually one tap on left-alt is the preferred shrout) would be nice to have too.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A couple of gnome extensions that hide menu bars but they don’t seem to work with Anytype (they tend to be a hit or miss with electron apps).

Additional context


Did you try installing the required libraries for the menu export extensions like the appmenu-gtk library ( these are distro specific AFAIK) ? I’m on KDE with global menu and with the required libraries installed, the menu from the app hides and gets exported to the global menu instead

The menu is displayed in the global menu

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@lynxlove That’s not a working feature for Gnome since Gnome 40 :frowning:

@lynxlove +1 from me

I have same problem in Elementary 6.1

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Will it be possible to hide the menubar and only display it when clicking the ALT key?

I really like the design of anytype, but the bar destroys it :slight_smile: Especially when using it with sth like material shell on gnome


This would be a nice improvement!

My dream, however, would be to not have the title bar, or rather have it integrated with the Anytype top bar like in the Mac version or typical GNOME apps:

But being able to hide the menu would be a great for now.


I would like to see that on Windows, too! :heart:


Anything would be nice at this point tbh. :sweat_smile:

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+1 for this proposal. This is already an established pattern in UI design in apps like Thunderbird, VSCode


The menubar on linux appimage breaks Anytype beautiful UI. Appimage don’t usually respect system theme and the menubar sticking out like a sore thumb on dark mode.
Please default hiding menubar and unhide only when pressing ALT key.
Thank you!


I found I workaround to this issue which blend the appimage bar menu with dark mode theme.
Creating / editing the fie ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini, and adding the next content:


I still would prefer to toggle out the bar menu, but this would do for now.

FWIW you can do this on Plasma by adding an Application menu to the title bar from System Settings > Appearance > Window Decorations

Hope this becomes an option as well on Windows OS

Dear Anytype Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to offer a suggestion regarding the menu bar functionality in the Anytype application across different operating systems.

Currently, I have noticed that in the macOS version of the app, there is an option to hide the menu bar, which provides a cleaner and more streamlined look. However, in the Linux and Windows versions, this option seems to be missing, resulting in a less aesthetically pleasing user experience.

I would highly recommend implementing a similar feature in the Linux and Windows versions of the Anytype app. By incorporating the option to hide or disable the menu bar, users would have the freedom to customize the app’s appearance according to their preferences. This would greatly enhance the visual appeal and overall user satisfaction across all operating systems.

Not only would this change improve the aesthetic look of the application, but it would also provide consistency in the user interface across different platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for all Anytype users.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe that implementing this feature would greatly enhance the user experience and contribute to the overall success of the Anytype application.

Best regards,

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