Hello there here a graphic designer

Well I applied to this app long time ago, In my Job I require a lot of notes and all the stuff…

Sometimes I organize it by categories and all the stuff, now a days infomation gets complex as long they get with the time.

But well, what about you all?, how do you organize your information? :smiley:


Hi, I’m in the same situation as you. I’m also a graphic designer and I’m trying to figure out how to organise my notes, which have been going through Evernote, Notion, Obsidian, and now, Anytype (hopefully for a long time).

Hi there,

I think al lot of people are looking for ways to organize their notes (and files, task, mail, etc).

The past months I been (very) slowly researching and trying for myself what works. Both personal as well as for work.

I came to the conclusion there is not one best way of organizing, not one system to rule them all. And what works for me, might not work for you (and visa versa). This is specially true for youtubers showing there super advanced productivity and note taking systems! Which are impressive but almost never work for me.

I tend to overthink things so I need to keep it simple.

A simple notebook (or folder) structure with tags works the best. I also prefer dedicated apps above an all-in-one system. Dedicated apps tend to be better and faster then all-in-one systems.

For example, I use a simple to-do app for tasks and quick capture ideas and not a complex system in Notion or Obsidian. Eventhough I love trying and building complex all-in-one systems in those apps!

I also use Evernote with a simple Notebook structure and tags. Which comes with superb search functionality which is enough for me to organize and find all my notes quickly.

Then I have a photo manager (google photos) and file manager (google drive). Where I organize photos in albums based on time and activity and files in the same structure as the notes in Evernote (or folders in mail).

Keeping the same structure for notebooks, mail and folders accross all apps makes it easier for me to find what I need. Eventhough it is not all in one app!

This is the system that I am slowly building for myself currently and it seems to work for me.