Have you made a dashboard you're proud of?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here so I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Kyle, and I am working on growth & marketing for Anytype. You may have seen an increase in content on Twitter, that is me. I have been lurking in the community here for a while, watching all the great posts, suggestions, and community vibes going on here.

I am doing some planning at the moment, and need to reach out to our fellow community members. I would LOVE to share some of your work on our social media.

It would be great for us to see what you’ve built, and create some encouragement for “showcasing” more of what you can do with Anytype.

I hope this topic begins to pick up pace and more of you feel excited to show us what you have done. I will come back more frequently to invite you to share what you have done surrounding a specific part of Anytype.

This weeks topic is: The Dashboard.

Have you customized your dashboard or created a unique setup for your daily Anytype use?

I’ll show you mine:

I have some more ideas i’m working on like a dashboard just for work, and a content calendar.

Share with me what you’ve built, and a little background about it too please! If you accept, we would love to share on social media what you have built!


Awesome @kyletdow, a few from the Community already setting the tone!

Here are some fresh Showcases from @M_J & @thePauker featuring Dashboards:


Sure, I’ll share mine:

As you can see, I have some pictures and quotes for inspiration at the top. The first one is one of my favorite Bible verses (which was honestly tough to choose, there are so many good and comforting quotations from Scripture) from Jeremiah 29:11 in the Evangelical Heritage Version (I’m biased to using only that version as a confessional Lutheran because the translators were pastors from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod). Then I have a good quote from CS Lewis which sums up why even though faith is trusting something that is unseen, the Christian faith focuses on something that is very legit and we can see the handprints of God in all creation. Then I have links to various pages, sets, collections, etc. that link to various items concerning day-to-day things or the large amount of music (mostly hymns) that I decided to store in my workspace. Then I have my tasks which I decided to link directly for the present moment since inline sets are a bit buggy and then the link to the profile of yours truly at the bottom which I haven’t really customized that much. It’s a lot of stuff, but I like that it’s very functional and I like that it was pretty easy to create with the awesome Anytype app!


I really like your dashboard! I would be intrigued to know more about it. I would like to find some inspiration to improve mine, and yours looks interesting.


Thanks @J-P-DOO I am thinking of doing a recording tutorial/demo. Can you give me any suggestions of what you’d like to see? I think the most feasible tuto for me to do next is how to build a task management system in Anytype.

Yeah, this would be really neat! I was curious about how you structure your different types of tasks (life tasks vs. any tasks) and notes. Also, the purpose of the different categories and “Personal tags”.

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Hi @kyletdow, so that’s my dashboard. By default any note created in Anytype is a custom note object and will land in the « inbox » view of the Notes set. I sort them with tags regarding topics.

Tâches (Tasks) uses the system « task » object. Sorted by priority wtth tags (week, month, semester) Can be linked to the projects.

Projets (Projects) gather all pro and personal projects through a custom « project » object. Like for notes it’s sorted with tags regardinig areas.

The 2 upper left colored boxes are for temporary stuff I want to keep visible for quick access.

It’s work in progress since I’m still transitioning my notes system and adapting my workflow but so far so good


@23jjl & @Elias, do I have permission to share your examples? I would like to start posting on Twitter some of the different use cases, like yours. Feel free to leave me your twitter handle if you want to be tagged.

That’s super nice and organized. In the notes section, on the top right, are you filtering out your different notes by using tags (perso, creation, etc)?

Btw - love the customization you’ve done with the icons.

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Sure, my handle is @elias_amari
I just edited my post with a new image because I realized that for an unknown reason the title of the page (Dashboard) disappeared on my first screenshot. Now back after re-start.

And yes Notes are filtered with tags.I created specific relation tags for each objects. (notes tag, project tag,)

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I actually don’t use Twitter and I would prefer not to have it shared on social media, if that’s okay (just for personal/privacy reasons). I more or less intended to share it with the community as inspiration for those already using Anytype :wink:

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Icons are from https://iconmonstr.com

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Actually, did some modifications to my original dashboard and then made a copy which just removed the things that regard me specifically. I also did some things with dark mode and made a half-and-half (where it’s half light, half dark). @kyletdow, you can share the ones below:





Awesome thank you!

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Hi kyletdow,

nice dashboards here from you and from the other users. I wanna show you mine:

I have three mainpages, called “Arbeit” (work), “Privat” and “Inbox”. They are linked to each other in the header of the pages. The Inbox is very messy and I use it for short notes and for the input from other devices like my smartphone. The both other pages are more stable. The task and the events are sets.


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Thanks for this @Lutz! Are you a student? It looks like you have organized your classes, etc?

I try to organize my classes, but not as a student. I’m a teacher.