Have a quicker, eaiser way to make a temporay filtered view of Set and Collection


this is a screenshot of my collecion, you can see I have a customize relation called “Collection Type”. and there is a red rectangle I add, I only add one in image, But I think most of relations should have one.
if I lick it, it will pop out a menu something like image below
If I check one or two, the set view will be filtered immediately. Note that this is just a temporary view, if you leave this page it will goes back to original state. and there should have a button that you can click to cancel the filter.

Most of relation in grid view should have this filter function. some thing look like drop down menu in excel.


when you have a huge mount of object in set or collection ,this could be handy to get what you want.


it’s ok if merge this function into the current menu, as long as it’s quick and easy.


@4thHydro is your request similar enough to merge the topics? I think merging adds value because of your image explaining how you envision the temporary filters can be applied on columns.

Yes,the post of isle9 describes the feature much better. :laughing:

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