Has my Space Changed?

Hey there! I’m relatively new to Anytype and currently in the process of setting up my PKM database. To get started, I’ve been watching some informative YouTube tutorials. One of these videos included helpful templates for importing into my database. After importing these templates, I’ve noticed that my space name and homepage default settings have changed completely to probably the YT creator’s (his name is on the space). Not sure if the Space ID has also been altered and what’s that even for, by the way?

Fortunately, all my previous objects seem to be intact. However, I’m wondering if there might be any potentially important, but unseen changes to my space and settings that I should fix. Has my space changed? Is there anything to be worried about? Let me know!

Hi @Sam7
What did you import? Was it “Any-block”? If so, it’s safe.
And since you mentioned that your data is still there, that means you imported some data besides your previously created one.

You can make sure that the current space is all yours by going to:

  1. Anytype
  2. Account settings
  3. Check your name and your recovery phrase, if it matches your previously saved information, then it’s your space and it’s safe

Thank you so much for the clarification.

It was an Any-block.
And my recovery phrase hasn’t changed.

So, it’s all safe, I guess. And I just have to change the Space name back, right?

Also just wondering if the import only has objects, then what prompted the change in space settings?


Your space name can’t be changed due to an import, I guess you mean an imported “Human” type with that Youtuber’s name instead?

Did your space name in space settings change? I think the imported “Human” type just changed that name.

As long as it’s the same recovery phrase you saved before, you’re 100% safe.


Yup, one of the objects seems to be creator’s “Human” type. which clarifies the name change. I think the Youtuber created a comprehensive PKM space template and subsequently imported it. So, the import not only brought in the individual objects but an entire Space.

I do wish it hadn’t changed my default homepage and my widgets, but I shouldn’t complain. The templates are pretty helpful.

Once again, thank you so much for sorting this out. Have a great day ahead!


You’re more than welcome! Glad this helped you :grin:


Continuing the conversation here. If someone is considering importing a template that imports as a space, my suggestion is to do it on a fresh, unedited canvas.

In my case, I had already organized numerous objects, templates, sets, and collections, all structured meticulously. However, when a whole new space was imported in addition to my existing one, everything became a mess. I cannot make sense of my space, and currently, I’m in the process of decluttering everything and it’s frustrating.

I have no complaints about the template itself. In fact, I think, it would be exceptionally valuable for those who are just starting with a clean slate. However, for individuals who have already established their basic structure, either partially or in its entirety, stay away!

Version history is your friend, but yeah you can’t revert back to a previous state of Space. With Multi-Spaces, you’ll be able to create separate spaces and import items wherever you want. You could use one of these Spaces as a experimental area for this kind of content.

We’re also drumming up a way to export Objects and Templates without content, but we’re a ways out from delivering that.

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Thanks for your input! The Multi-Spaces feature sounds promising and could be really handy. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming developments on the roadmap, including the ones you mentioned. Can’t wait for these updates!

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I really apologize if it seems like I’m needlessly extending the conversation here, but I just want to ensure that everyone is informed about what to expect when importing a space.

In my current context, I’m gradually uncovering various changes. Notably, some object types have disappeared. When I initially downloaded the app, the ‘object types’ offered options like diary entries, Daily plans, Spaces, and more. Unfortunately, these options have now gone missing.

My guess is that, the space I imported is from an older version without the updated default object types, causing a mismatch with the current app version (running v0.35.4). But please correct me if I am wrong.

This is what I’ve observed so far, and I’ll edit to update as necessary if I discover anything more. I hope it’s not the same deal with ‘relations’.

For now, I have decided to delete my space and start from scratch. Wish me luck.