Grid view for bin (with more information)


The Problem.
There’s no major issue, but it would be nice to see objects in a different view, with more relevant information (such as their date/time of deletion).

The Solution
The option to view the bin in a “Grid” view, showing the object name, type, date and time of deletion, size, etc.


Additional Context

This is what the Windows Recycle Bin looks like (in a “List” view [which is most comparable to Anytype’s “Grid” view]):

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Good idea!

I think this kind of view is refered in the app as a “Grid” view, as it is a table of contents where you can customize the relations shown or hidden, like you can do in windows explorer - in contrast with a “List” view, where it only displays the name.

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Oops sorry, you’re totally right! :sweat_smile:
Thank you for the correction, edited the post!

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