Great First Impression

I’m so grateful I got into the Alpha group so fast after applying.

I fell in love with Notion because of its flexibility and modularity. I didn’t like it isn’t local, offline and encrypted which didn’t make me really commit. I’ve tried out other Notion alternatives and while others are trying to mimic Notion, AnyType is combining it with other great tools (like Obsidian) and taking it to a whole other level/dimension. I love the graph. I love Types and Relations. It feels as the software building system for the New World. Although it’s an alpha build, AnyType is already an Alpha in its category.

I have a few ideas and requests that would make AnyType the one and only tool for me for many usecases. I’ll post them in the next days.


Great to hear from you @HelenaGwyn. We are thrilled you are enjoying Anytype. Please feel free to describe your experience over the past weeks with Anytype and we welcome any suggestions you have. You can share your ideas at the “Feature Requests” section here in our community. We looking forward to hearing from you soon!