Graph search does not go to the found page location

Describe the bug

When we try to search for any page in the graph view search box, nothing happens.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to any page
    1. Open the graph view
    1. Type name of any page in the search box

Expected behavior

The graph should move to the place in the graph view where the page is located

System Information:

OS - Windows 10

Device - Dell Inspiron 7000

Anytype - 0.29.0 (reported in 0.20.1)

Additional context


Are you searching for a page with its title or content because only title works. If you are indeed searching for the page using the title, kindly manually move to the node and check if it is getting highlighted.

I feel what you requested is a feature requested and is a much needed one to center and zoom the resultant nodes

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@lynxlove showing the searched item at the center with highlight @div3xi can you better name it?

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This is not solved yet. Graph search resultant nodes still needs to be centered and zoomed in


Or show a list of possible results? Otherwise what result would you focus on, when there a multiple?

Yeah there could be multiple results …as mentioned in previous comments … it would be nice if the graph centered around the matching search result. Right now when we search it does highlight but we have to zoom in zoom out and scroll across the graph

I assume that this just isn’t implemented. Therefore its more a feature request than a bug. I will move it.