Graph-Relations Shortcut

Hi there,

I think a right-click shortcut used to relate objects without exiting the graph view would improve efficiency and fluid thinking/ working. For example, I am creating a network of relations between distinct organisations and the movement of people therein. A faster method of creating relations would be ideal for this purpose. (Connecting pre-existing objects).

Additionally, what logically follows from this is the ability to create objects through a right-click dropdown menu (also in graph view) that gives the user the ability to name the page/ object and subsequently relate it to another object on the graph without exiting graph view. (Creating new objects without exiting graph view).

Does anyone else have any suggestions related to this idea?


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Hi @Samuel, thanks for sharing your idea! Please use the General Discussion category for general discussions about the potential way to tackle an issue in a free format. If you have a specific feature you would like to add, you can use the Feature Request category and the predefined template.

We can move this topic to the General Discussion category and leave the topic itself “as is” if that is OK with you. You can always create a specific feature request when you know what you (more) precisely would like to see.

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