Graph Mode Lag/Bad Performance

With the Graph Mode feature another dream came true. It looks just fantastic and its function helps a lot. But even though I have a very good PC it is almost unusable for me :frowning: As the video shows below it is very slow. Has anyone with a bunch of pages more luck? And is there hope that the performance will improve someday so I can use it flawlessly?


We will add filters in next iterations and I’ve excluded files from graph since there can be lots of files as they are added to objects automatically.


@R2D2 When you say filters do you mean like “exclude XY type” or “only show if type = XY” ? if so that would help a lot, especially if you can create custom graph views with saved parameters

@R2D2 Great to hear that! :slight_smile:

@Inkqb same filter mechanism as in Sets.


@R2D2 Great ! Is there a planned way to save the filters ?

@Inkqb will implement later. We look at your feature request here:

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the filters will be done in a similar way as for sets, so it’s planned that you will be able to do that.

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As an update the performance of the Graph Mode got a huge boost and is now usable thanks a lot!
The only thing I am bit concerned about is when I wanna move an object everything goes crazy. Maybe because to many objects are linked together. (This also means at the moment this option is unfortunately not usable)