grammar and spelling auto-correct (macOS implementation/menubar)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

either a bug or unimplemented feature.

when writing it would be nice to have auto-correct spelling and grammar ,as well as auto-replacement (the one that’s native on macOS)

Describe the solution you’d like

implementation of spell check and auto-correct for both grammar and spelling.

no need to implement a custom one,i beleive there is one integrated in macOS,devs only have to enable some flag .if such feature is enabled for the app,the “modification” menu will appear in macOS menu bar ,and auto correct everything by itself

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

none as this solution seems the most native and better implementation

Additional context

macOS big sur , apple silicon M1


I would love to see this. The integrated, native spell check in macOS and iOS is quite good. I am a bad speller, yes, but also I sometimes just type too fast and make a mistake…so spell check identifies spelling mistakes when they happen.