Google Play won't let me install AnyType

Most likely, you have raised the API requirements a lot, and MIUI on my phone has not updated the Android version for a long time (it 7.1.1). Unfortunately, I’m in such life circumstances that I can’t afford to upgrade my phone now.


I think you can download anytype apk on this website.

Hi, unfortunately, we no longer support updates on devices with OS before Android 8 Oreo. But maybe, on your device, you can still update the OS. It’s worth checking the manufacturer’s website.

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I see thru Google search that I can install LineageOS, but the tutorial looks confusing with lots of hacks and what happens if the phone just stops working because there are no guarantees?

Why can’t you just downgrade the supported Android version to 7?

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That’s a bummer :frowning:

Regrettably, not that simple or we would. We utilize newer technologies provided by Android which are not available on older versions of the OS.

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