Google Docs-like simple comments attached to a specific Anytype user

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A feature to comment on text and blocks is currently not present within Anytype. Adding such a feature would not only help current Anytype users to help jot down notes that they do not want permanently attached to their document, but may also be useful when planned collaboration features are added.

Describe the solution you’d like

When selecting a block or text, a “Comment” button can show up in the text formatting popup. The image is the text formatting popup where the button may go.

When a comment is made, the block or text can be highlighted in a user-specified color. Clicking on it brings up a floating box, containing the user profile which created the comment, along with options to further discuss the comment with reply options.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Using the already-existing highlight feature is a method to add annotations, but this does not allow for adding text comments or discussion threads with other Anytype users (when the planned collaboration features are released).

There is an existing feature request on this forum that is similar. That idea is very powerful, as it allows multiple layers of annotations to be stored inside an object, making it useful for studying and analyzing documents. However, while that feature request is similar, I believe my feature request differs and may serve a different purpose by taking into account planned collaboration features and allowing for text comments. Perhaps these two ideas can be merged together.

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+1. I hope this feature is already planned with other collaboration features and if not, would be great to have block-wise comment option :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I would just add that the comments/annotations should be visible (i.e. unrolled and linked to the place in the text) in the exported files (PDFs).


It would indeed be great to have them displayed in the exported PDF unrolled, but I feel it would be best provided as an option so the user can decide to export them or not