Global Descriptions style setting- and Show then in Cards

I like the description for pages- but i dont like that it looks like the contents text, and so close to the first block. That distance btw wouldnt bother me if the description style was different.

As it is the style can be changed ,color and background color (i would like to see italics too, or size) wich is neat… but then it has to be changed for every page, every time.

1) Gloabl Description Style(setting) an option in the settings to define a style for descriptions, an automatic default for descriptions on any page.

I would keep the option to change descriptions styling on a per-case basis tough (im from the opnion that having options, by choice, theyre always welcome)- the setting would just define the style for description blocks when pages are created and the blocks style wasnt changed.

Show on the ‘cards’(home)

Idk if theres a name for then yet, but here im calling cards the squares showing documents on the home. I can imagine many contexts where showing a pages description outisde of the page could be welcome- and the squares on the home screen seen perfect for then.


@vincer These are some good ideas, but it’s two separate feature requests.

Regarding description block styling, I am not positive, but I believe future “template” functionality may allow for the kind of customization you are hoping for, e.g. you could setup your own defaults for a “description” block then just use that block template over and over instead of the normal default “description” block. Someone from Anytype team may need to correct me. :wink: