Getting Anytype on

Hey all,

It would be great to see Anytype start a conversation with privacy guides to see if they would eventually list the application under their recommended productivity tools. Now that Anytype is moving into public beta / open sourcing code, it seems like it might be a good time to start. Getting their stamp, even if it takes some back and forth, could help make the app even more appealing for average users who see Anytype as a privacy-oriented competitor to services like Notion.

Is this already planned / what do you think?


Hey, awesome idea!
Just looked into the requirements and as you said, I think this will be a good initiative once we’ve opened our repositories and written a security whitepaper, as stipulated on their website. Thanks for the tip!


Hey @Charlotte, I think it would also be great (being that Anytype is an Electron app) to get Anytype on the Electron showcase site - Electron