Generating link through markdown


I’m currently trying to migrate from markdown notes but markdown links that are imported are not converted to links in Anytype, even if the link is converted to Antype’s @<xyz> format. Is there a way of having the import recognize and honor the link either Markdown’s style or Anytype’s style? I don’t mind scripting out my own import if the links can be recognized.

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Iirc this isn’t possible yet, and there are plans and hopes for the import to improve vastly after the open-sourcing of the repos.

Ah I see. That’s unfortunate :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is there any idea of timeline for when the repos will be open sourced?

This should happen somewhere next week as the public beta launch is planned for the 19th of July.

Edit: initially, the repos will be opened for read-only, and in a couple of releases when the API is ready to go, the repos should be opened for contributions :slight_smile:

Awesome! Per this comment, is the hope that imports will improve through the community or through the team once they have more bandwidth after the public beta is launched?