Generally hidden to see to a list of Relations

This has got to be one of the biggest UX confusions in the product right now. The path to see the list of relations and the list of values is often difficult or hidden.

Once I got in the habit of using the triangle button all the time, things were smoother. However especially as I’m getting set up, I haven’t put all the relations I need into each template, and of course those change and my templates are all out of sync, (I know the team is working on this problem).

In the meantime tho, I feel like the list of relations shouldn’t be somewhat hidden behind the triangle button in a modal. There should be a disclosure that expands to show all of the relations for an object.

I know I nitpick a lot of things on here, but that’s only because I love the product!


Also I’ve resorted to not setting up relations in templates at all as they will inevitably get out of sync for new objects. Probably my biggest moment to moment frustration. (With a mostly delightful project).

Now I just use the Relations view modal when looking at an object view which is not ideal.

The team already has some plans for this. Stay tuned.

I don’t use templates for the same reason, and instead, I just use sets as kind of a template. You an add relations to them, and then later on, if you wish to change something, you can just remove the relation from the set and add a new one.

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Well if people on the team aren’t using templates …

Looking forward to seeing what the team does with this! Hoping soon. When is the next release again? :slight_smile:

It’s a credit to the product that even with this inconvenience it’s still more usable for me in many ways than Notion.

I’m just one person. :sweat_smile:
There are plenty of people on the team who use them.

We just got a new release yesterday so it’ll be a while until the next one.

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