General feedback for minor improvements in UX

Hi Team,

I finally decided to move from Notion to Anytype and moved my data here. While doing so I encountered few things which can improve the UX from a user perspective.

  1. When creating a bookmark using /bookmark it creates a box but doesn’t automatically focus inside it to paste the link. I had to manually click using the mouse and then paste the link which breaks the flow. I tried using the tab and arrow keys but that didn’t work. My suggestion is to automatically focus inside the input field so we can directly paste the link.

  2. Similar thing when selecting cover image from Unsplash. It should auto focus into the filter field ready to type the word instead of manually clicking it. Again arrow and tab keys don’t work.

  3. When we are at the last row of the table hitting enter (or some other key combination) should create a new row so that we don’t have to use mouse and click + button.

  4. For sets - a count of number of objects would be very helpful.

  5. In the graph view there should be an option to just view orphaned nodes so as to quickly see which objects are not linked and which are unused so those can be deleted.

6. Changing a page’s text style to “text” and then hovering over the link does not show mouse as pointer. It shows default cursor arrow. From UX point any link should be shown as clickable.


The loss of focus is a problem across the app unfortunately.

  1. If you’re copy pasting a link already, it’s faster to just paste and then select bookmark from the menu instead of using /bookmark.

  2. You might wanna vote for this feature.


Hello @kishan, thanks for taking the time to write this!
There is definitely some work to do when it comes to UI/UX.
I’m confident that we’ll slowly get a great workflow inside AnyType but until then we have to be patient and support the devs while they work on core features.
In the meantime keep the feedback coming, it’s super useful to define what to work on :wink:

Also check this forum query to find and vote for UI/workflow feature request.

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