Gallery view for Sets: Align cards

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The cards in gallery view have different sizes depending on how much of the relations showed has been filled in. The cards then compact and also differ in height. There are no clear rows anymore, making the galleryview a bit harder to view. See image below.

As you can see the actor Robbert Downey Jr. for testing purposes now starts with a B and aligns in the center of the image. It is currently the only actor where I added movies, a description, birthdate and more. The card is no 2x larger then the others and now crosses the second row. For my this makes it harder to view.

Describe the solution you’d like
The solution could be to add a new toggle: Align cards (or rows), see screenshot below:

This could output one of the following options:



The last one has my preference.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There are no alternatives.

Additional context


This is a valid request but as you’ve requested, it would be great to have it as a toggable option rather than hardcoded since for some reasons I and (maybe others?) like the current style in which the cards are displayed

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This seems to almost map to a “Grid” vs. “Masonry” type view option, which would be familiar to many people by now.

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Looks like a lot of space is wasted with this type of alignment. I for one love cards of varying size, but having this amount of empty space between cards does not look good. It would be great to have an option to toggle between either this or like the last option in your screenshot so that the behavior can be changed in per set basis