Gallery View Cover Options

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Only one option for gallery view cover, I hope to see the custom field and page content for cover as one of the options

Describe the solution you’d like

Custom field as cover and page content


You can use File & Media relations as covers.

To add to this, customized cards where you can set the image to the left or right (iso only on top) or make it circular would be great addition.

@R2D2 Really? I thought only the Attachment relation could be used for the cover?

@Jeroen This feels like a separate feature request, I think (image alignment for cards vs. image source for cards).

@Oshyan Maybe but I thought it would be an addition to Gallery Cover options, not only the source but also the alignment and shape in the gallery. But it could be split in a seperate topic :wink:

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@Jeroen That’s a fair point. I was paying more attention to the contents of the first post than to the topic title. I think you are right, and I encourage others to contribute ideas for “gallery view cover options” here, in that case.

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Would like to have an option “First image in page content” as card’s cover (if it doesn’t have a cover already).
Maybe it’s too specific, but it would be very cool.


I also think that would be a great feature

Definitely looking forward to this! Hope I can see all my pictures in big via “gallery view” some day.

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Profile images as gallery covers, please.

It is preferable and likely more in use for contacts because you can’t always have a cover-quality photo of all your Human types, but there’s usually a public profile or an official logo that would be acceptable to use as a profile image.