Fron Notion to AnyType, problem with "toggle blocks type"

Hello, I’m very new with AnyType.
I made a test importing one the my Notion file. I use Notion for language learning and so I use almost only the “toogle type entry”, where the main is in French and the second one (hidden) is in Thai, sometime opposite.
Any way, when imported all toggle blocks from Notion are just “bullets blocks” in AnyType.
That is a major problem for me using AnyType in the future, if conversion is not correctly done…
(sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker)

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Hi - please remember that Anytype is still in an alpha testing phase, so many features are incomplete or only partially working; some are not yet available at all.

Import from Notion is only partly developed, so it will not work perfectly at present. Because Anytype is not simply a Notion copy, s9me things will probably never work the same way as they do in Notion.

I seem to recall that there is a feature request asking that toggles work the same way as Notion. If you like (upvote) that request, it is more likely that you will get the feature you want.


Thanks. Yes I know, it is an alpha and I didn’t write to make “a claim”, just to let the development team know about that point.
Happy new year to the team too.

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Hey! We will make the update with new Notion integration soon and I hope it will work out fine for you. Have a good day.


Thank you, I will have a look at when out.

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