I’m still not seeing a word count – this is a deal breaker for me as a writer.

And the friction is high – I want to find how to add a note to a set, and the ‘how to’ seems to consist of Vimeos with poor audio (and I am a native English speaker!) – no searchable list of topics and subtopics that I can find. I would rather think this could be built within Anytype in the way Obsidian do it…

Hi there @IanGreig,

I’m kind of surprised that no one else has thought about a word counter. Definitely would be nice to have though in some shape or form - I would definitely use it a lot for school writing if they would implement it. I would recommend making a feature request right here on the forum for this - it’s a great idea and I am sure that the team would be willing to implement it.

As per adding items to a set, I’ll do my best to explain everything regarding sets here. First of all, I wouldn’t consider it to be “adding” items to a set. Sets filter out objects by type (i.e. I have a task manager that filters out tasks from my other objects and shows them in the set) or by querying for a certain relation. Either you can add a certain relation to these objects and store select notes to a set based upon this or you can have all of your notes stored in the set by querying based upon the object type “Note.” Or, you can use collections which are basically sets where you choose what goes in them. I use these a lot more because they feel more natural and then I can add objects on my own basis without dealing with the complexity of relationships. You can create new objects from the collection page or add existing objects by linking them to the collection. Either way, all of these methods should work in some way, shape, or form. (And my sympathies about the Vimeos, I am a native English speaker too, and am not in charge of the videos - I’m sorry if you wanted to see this visually because I sadly can’t spend my time making a video of this).

Hopefully, this helps!
-James @23jjl

Are you referring to our user documentation or something else? Where exactly did you find this “how to”?

Same questions as above.

I also don’t understand why the number of objects in a set view are not displayed. This makes the kanban board very difficult to use.

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