Forward and Back buttons stop working

Describe the bug

The forward and back buttons do not work sometimes. I have realised this is mainly when you just open anytype and it opens to the page that you were last on when you closed the app. If you go back to the home menu and returned to that page from there (or any other pages), the forward and back buttons do work then. I am unsure if there are any other times that the forward and back buttons do not work. I have attached a screenshot to show which buttons I am talking about. They are the arrow buttons (second and third in the second row).

To Reproduce

Close anytype while on a specific page. Especially one that has been linked to other pages. When you open the app again, you will be on that page. The forward and back buttons will not work.

Click the Home button. Go back to the same page, navigating from the Home page. The forward and back button now works.

Expected behavior

The forward and back button should bring you to the necessary linked pages. How it works when you go to the page from Home should also work when starting up the app on the same page.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Desktop
  • Device: Windows 10 laptop
  • Version: 0.18.58

Describe the bug

While using Anytype and navigating through pages, the back and forward navigations seem to not respond.

If I press home and then go back to the page, then it responds at times

To Reproduce

Go to a nested page ( mine is 3 levels inside), then try pressing back or forward navigation buttons

Expected behavior

To navigate to and from pages seamlessly

System Information:

  • MacOS Big Sur
  • Apple MacAir 2017
  • Anytype Version: 0.18.68

@abheek @irdinamaztura can you please check it once again in the latest version?

@Vova I’m not sure about the issue reported by @abheek , but I think the one reported by @irdinamaztura is because of how AnyType stores the navigation history as explained by the team. The page navigation history is only stored for each session so each time a user closes and reopens a page, the navigation history gets cleared.

If this is not the indented behaviour and is a bug, then I can still reproduce this in the latest version (0.20.2) of Anytype.

The navigation history should either be persisted between sessions or the forward and back button should be disabled for clicking if there is no forward or backward page to go to

@lynxlove thanks for explanation!

«Browsing» history works within single session. We will add disabled state for Forward and Backward arrows if no object available

@Vova as mentioned by @lynxlove , the behaviour can still be reproduced in the latest version. However, I didn’t know that that was the intention! I think making the buttons be obviously disabled when they cannot be used would be a great idea

I didn’t get notified about this but yes.

I observed it is only in the instance when you open Anytype after quitting the application, not when in session. Don’t remember if that was also the case perviously.

So the ‘back button is not consistently working’ bug is back.

Anytype version: 0.21.5

Mac i7 macOS Monterey

Hey, is it still happening in version 0.24.0?


Seems to working fine for me now