Forum to show a line separating new posts from previously seen one (in Latest view)

This is a forum-related request (couldn’t find a category/tag for that). It’s very minor, but since I think I’ve seen it done in other forums, I thought I’d ask.

I usually view the forum in the Latest view (that way I get new posts and any new comments in older posts). It’s nice that there is a message on top telling me how many new messages there are (image below). However after I click on it, sometimes it’s not easy to tell up to which message are the new ones (the blue highlight goes away quickly, and if it’s too many, the end of the new messages is out of view).

I think I’ve seen in some other forum that they show a red line separating the new messages from anything previous. Could this be implemented in this forum?


I just realized the red line separator shows on mobile. It just doesn’t show on desktop. (Can anyone confirm?)

It does show up on both mobile and desktop for me

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Thanks for that!
I think I figured it out.

It only shows if you refresh the page in the browser.
If you just use the link at the top to show new messages, it just shows them and highlights them blue for a second.


Clicking that shows all the new messages (and flashes them blue), but does’t show the red line.

I guess I should refresh to get the red line instead :slight_smile:

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