Forum migration: list of known issues + let us know if you find any other problems

Hi all, welcome to the new Discourse forum! Because we migrated a lot of content and all users over from a different forum system (previously we used Flarum), there are going to be some things that did not import that well. Some of these we intend to fix, others are not worth spending the time on, as we will simply move forward with all new discussions in this forum, leaving old content to gradually become less relevant. Old topics will always be there for reference, they just might look a little funny sometimes. :grin:

Below is the current list of potential problems you might see in certain topics from the import. If you see something that is not on the list, feel free to respond to this topic with what you found, and please include a link to where you saw it, if possible.

Known Issues

  • Missing user avatars. You can feel free to re-upload your avatar, but we hope to fix this on our end soon.
  • Strange, cryptic replies to topics, e.g. Support for inline creation and display of sets - #21 (This has been fixed @div3xi has manually deleted all such comments)
  • Lists that have both bullets and numbers, or duplicated bullets e.g. White screen when idle - #6 by Kirill_Lem
  • Duplicated URLs and URLs surrounded by brackets, e.g. What are the primary feature requests? What's next in the release plan?
  • No dark mode… yet! This is coming soon. We wanted to get a base theme in place first. But in the near future you’ll be able to change to dark mode here with a simple toggle, or even have it do so automatically based on system settings!
  • You may see some broken images. These should be resolved in time.
  • Possible performance issues. The forum system is performing a lot of initial background tasks after the migration. Once those are complete, performance should be as good, or better than, the previous forum. If you still see issues by November 1st, feel free to reply below with your experience.
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The image is missing from the original post.

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Where to post about questions / ideas about the new forum? Like, is it possible/planned to show the number of upvotes/likes in the list of the feature request threads?

Feel free to move this to a new thread.

“My Posts” tab does not show any previous post.

I have the same issue!

How can I distinguish which posts I reply to someone, for example, the above I replied to @atb , but I can’t distinguish it at all.

Yes, a more formalized voting feature and ranking is planned. You can use the #community tag to post topics about the community (forum) itself. If it’s a bug report, you can put it in Bug Reports, if it’s an idea or question, you can put it here in Support + Q&A.

Because Flarum and Discourse are very different systems, there is a lot of info that did not migrate over, or did not have an equivalent in Flarum. My Posts is one of these. This will show only new posts that you make in the Discourse forum. But there is an easy way to see your past posts if you just go to your Profile and check the Activity tab:

I don’t think the “My Posts” tab is that useful for top navigation here, so if the rest of the team agrees, I will remove it.

This is an intentional distinction made in the specific case of replying to the message immediately above yours, i.e. it is just the linear flow of the discussion, rather than replying to some other part of the earlier conversation. So in some sense it doesn’t “require” a reference to what you were replying to. It’s handled this way to avoid a “noisy” interface. That said, it’s a setting that can be changed, so I’ve enabled it for now and will discuss with the team whether we want to keep it that way. We would welcome your thoughts as well, now that you know why it works that way and can see how it looks with this function enabled.

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Ah, I see, it makes sense, let’s use the previous setting. :grin:

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Large Tags are incorrectly rendered in mobile view

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Looks like this to me on iOS

In android, the keyboard sometimes covers the input box is few places making it impossible to see what is being typed. This looks like a discourse bug or a bug with my keyboard(florisboard) or the forum, I’m not sure which.

In the following image, you can see that I cannot see what message I’m typing in the something else input box of the flag message popup

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Yeah, not sure there’s a ton we can do about issues like that. We could hack on the CSS, but it starts to get pretty in-depth when you’re trying to interact with the system’s UI elements (i.e. on mobile), and I’m not even sure how possible it is to deal with that effectively. Might be something to look into or even report on the Discourse “Meta” forums itself, though one thing you could do is test it there (or on another Discourse instance), and if it seems unique to ours, then it’s probably something we can improve.

In my profile, when I view the topics I created the “solved” tag is missing on some of them. Also when I click on “solved” in the menu on the left to filter for solved topics, they are missing there too.

We are moving from a simplistic solved tag to a more full-featured “solved” plugin. The plugin creates a button on each reply to a topic that you start where you can mark a specific reply as the “solution”. This has a number of advantages, including that it can show the “solution” linked from the first post even in a lengthy discussion topic, and it is more easy to filter by solved/unsolved.

We are in the process of migrating from the old tag-based approach to the plugin approach, but each old topic using the tag has to be manually marked solved by a staff member. So it takes some time. In the meantime if you’d like to go through your own “Solved” topics (with the tag) and mark them as “Solved” using the solved icon, that would be helpful! (you can only do this for topics which you started)



I may found an error, every text looks bold for me in Chrome 95.0.4638.69 (in incognito aswell):

Is this how it is supposed to be? It makes the texts extremely hard to read!

This would be way easier to read (did it with dev-tools by removing inter as font from root scss):

That’s very weird, and definitely not the case for me or - I would guess - for most (or it would have been mentioned by now). Can you try another browser? What OS are you on? (I’m assuming Win 11 Edu as shown in your screenshot)

Would it be possible to show dates in the list of the threads?
Like “Created”, “last change” or similar?

Edit: @Oshyan is the “migration to a solved plugin” you mentioned still in progress?

Hi @Oshyan,

the error seems to exists in all of my browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) :frowning:. However, these are all chromium based - maybe that is a problem.