Forum migration is complete! 27/10/2021

If you’re reading this, the migration is complete and you’re on the new forum!

Your login and password should work as soon as we are able to install a plugin, apologies for the delay (coming 28/10/21). In the meantime you can reset your password from Login if you need immediate access, it will work fine. If all else fails, you can email, but please try the reset first or wait for the plugin to be installed soon.

Discourse will bring many advantages and improvements in the long run, and should provide some immediate benefits as well, while it will also be easier to improve it over time vs. the current system. We are starting with a simple and fresh new design, based on Anytype’s most recent branding update (exemplified by the new website). Certain features, like the Knowledgebase, may function differently or lose certain features initially. We will improve and add things once we complete the initial migration, and in the coming weeks and months you can expect the forum to grow and change quite a bit.

You can close this message with the :x: up there :arrow_upper_right:


Forum migration is complete. If you are able to see this message, you are on the new forum. Welcome! Check out this topic for some more info and a link to the Discourse user guide:


@Oshyan Looks way better, thanks for the new and improved platform!! :clap:

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Thanks, glad you like it! It was definitely a team effort. @div3xi , @endac , @requilence , @Vova all made this possible.

Here’s to the future, of the forum, and of Anytype! :rocket:


Hey, just wanted to say “Thank You”. The new forum does really well. :+1: