Forum issue: bad image handling makes bug reports and feat requests less useful

Flarum seems to have fairly poor image handling, or is not ideally configured. All images appear to be resized to the same static width, with no option to view them full size (as far as I can see). This can create a significant limitation when images are used to illustrate a bug or feature request. For example:

The images being resized to a common width in this case means the last, largest image becomes essentially illegible.

Hopefully there is a setting or plugin to improve this.


Oshyan, sorry for the delay. You’re absolutely right. There’s definitely a plugin for this. One workaround we could use in the meantime is to remove previews and treat images as downloadable files in the meantime as we do with videos.

I’m on it!


Well, it’s not pretty, but that’ll work in the meantime. :wink: Thanks!