Forum dark mode

I am not happy that the forum doesn‘t have a dark mode. Would it be possible to implement one, similar to


Forum dark mode is planned:

  • No dark mode… yet! This is coming soon. We wanted to get a base theme in place first. But in the near future you’ll be able to change to dark mode here with a simple toggle, or even have it do so automatically based on system settings!

See topic below. Not sure how up to date this is but still.

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Dark mode is possible. Just keep in mind that currently there is no design staff dedicated to forum and other website work. So any changes here (CSS and color palette selection) literally do take time away from work on Anytype itself. :man_shrugging: Because the forum theme is customized, a premade dark mode would not be as good. So not to say it’s a bad idea, just mentioning why it might be a low priority.

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