Formula column

Would be very helpful if the databases has a formula column to allow simple math operations or text generation with concatenated content.


A formula column that takes an anual cost value (a number from another column) and divide it to have the monthly cost from something.

A formula column that takes the start date from column A and the end date from column B to indicate a duration, for example, from a project.

A formula column with an “IF” statement where you could return a message. “IF” column A contains “DONE”, than write “The project is concluded.”


A formula column with simple math operations that manipulate values from number columns would be already helpful.


Notion and both have formula columns, but if you need to take good inspiration, take a look at what did. They design a whole system around formula columns and brought it even to the canvas, where you can create formulas in the middle of texts and you can create really complex systems from it.


Related, but different:

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