For Those that have asked for it, what form of Nextcloud integration do you want

Ive seen 2 posts for this, and asked about it myself and as of yet the Anytype team dont have it on the roadmap and dont intend to impliment it, so for my own records so i can make a plugin later (if i end up having the time) or for anyone else for that matter what do you want a Nextcloud / Google Cloud integration to look like.

Method 1: Complete integration.

Documents stored in Nextcloud are linked to their nextcloud instance and never stored localy.

this would mean a plugin for anytype would need a login, or you would need to share the file with anytype via the public URL that Nextcloud / google cloud would provide. this assumes an internet connection and would not be compatible with Anytypes offline mantra.

Method 2: Local Instansing.

Documents imported from nextcloud would be linked to the local nextcloud folder on the device.

This would only require you to point to a nextcloud folder on the local device, anytype would assume the file path from the root next cloud folder that is local, and would store a local filepath relative to the local Nextcloud sync folder and link to that file instead.


Sorry, for this very late reply, but I only saw this now.
I use nextcloud as my main calendar and I think having it integrated with anytype will be great.
For me I prefer the second method.
But with full integration for caldav calendars.

what i have in mind:

is for my to create a task in jtx board or anytype mobile and automatically it appears as a task in my tasks set.
this would be great.

Note: if the developers don’t share this vision with me, I’m very OK with that just say this to us here as soon as possible so that we can implement it as a plugin for those who care. :slight_smile:


I am using a self hosting Nextcloud server, personally i would like to see full integration, as i am using all parts of next cloud. Mind you Anytype might be a better place to store some of the data i have in there. I.e. Cook books, etc


Do you think that instead of AWS we will have the option to opt for Google Cloud Services to host our data/ more our Web 3.0 infrastructure for startups to build projects on?

I’m a Google boy for biz but I actually use pCloud data storage for our company’s data and file management. I know that pCloud is a small company but would LOVE to see pCloud as a viable storage/hosting node alongside Google Cloud Services!

Hope we can have options for sync and back up locations for our Anytype nodes in the future!

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I’d think that what would make the most sense would depend on where you want to do the integration…

IE: do you plan on having the mobile integration depend on having the mobile nextcloud client installed as well?

I’d expect the integration to be able to interact with the local copy that the nextcloud (mobile/desktop) maintains, if it’s available… and reach out to the nextcloud api if not…

I honestly don’t know what would be the cleanest solution…

maybe creating an ipfs datastore in nextcloud, and synchronizing that with anytype makes sense? … or maybe that’s a terrible idea? :slight_smile: