For Those that have asked for it, what form of Nextcloud integration do you want

Ive seen 2 posts for this, and asked about it myself and as of yet the Anytype team dont have it on the roadmap and dont intend to impliment it, so for my own records so i can make a plugin later (if i end up having the time) or for anyone else for that matter what do you want a Nextcloud / Google Cloud integration to look like.

Method 1: Complete integration.

Documents stored in Nextcloud are linked to their nextcloud instance and never stored localy.

this would mean a plugin for anytype would need a login, or you would need to share the file with anytype via the public URL that Nextcloud / google cloud would provide. this assumes an internet connection and would not be compatible with Anytypes offline mantra.

Method 2: Local Instansing.

Documents imported from nextcloud would be linked to the local nextcloud folder on the device.

This would only require you to point to a nextcloud folder on the local device, anytype would assume the file path from the root next cloud folder that is local, and would store a local filepath relative to the local Nextcloud sync folder and link to that file instead.