Footer bar for sets stays on screen when scrolling up

Note: this post was edited by @sambouwer as discussed in the posts below.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When a set gets larger and has more Objects that fit your screen you can scroll up and down to view other Objects in your Set. When you are scrolling up, the bottom/footer with the “+ New” button scrolls off the screen. If you want to add a new Object at the bottom of the list, you will need to scroll down.

Describe the solution you’d like
The footer should stay on your screen when scrolling up your larger Sets.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Removing the Footer altogether as the header/top bar is now sticky.

Additional context
The footer could become (very) useful again when this part gets more functionality like SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT or other aggregates.


@Jeroen thanks for posting! Is this request similar enough to merge your topic in there?

This part is not yet requested anywhere I believe, so you could also make this the main request of your feature request.

@Jeroen do you agree we should repurpose your request to be for the footer with the “+ New” button as the other request is a duplicate of the linked topic?

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Sure, I have no problem with that, go ahead!