Follow system appearance (auto switch between light/dark theme)

When I switch between light/dark mode, I’m not doing it in any particular app, but in the system settings. App applications, browsers, their extensions and websites are follow along. Having to press the switch twice (for system and then for Anytype) is clunky.

Sorry if it’s a duplicate, haven’t found existing feature request.

The solution I’d like
Anytype theme options should look like Light/Dark/Auto, and when Auto is selected, Anytype automatically picks up on any theme that is currently active systemwide.

Alternatives I’ve considered
Suffer in pain while having to switch theme twice.

Additional context


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This appears to be a duplicate of this post - about respecting the system appearance on Destop, but I’ll merge the aforementioned earlier post into your post, as it’s more detailed and concise.

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Right now to switch from light to dark and vice versa, you need to open Settings > Other Settings and toggle theme. Ideally Anytype would read whether the OS is in dark mode or light mode in the OS and change itself accordingly.

On a side note, there is no tag for macOS in the optional tags in this community.


This has been implemented in 0.25.4!

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