Focused on privacy, why using Google Spyware g-tags?

Hey guys first i mean no offense in my post.

I found anytybe when i was looking for Notion alternative privacy focused apps.

And i was so excited that something like Anytype is being built and immediately joined the alpha tester.

However there is something that left a bitter taste in my mouth.

The tracker blocker showed me that you use Google Spyware Google tags on the website!

What a shock!

Do you mind explaining why?

And where else it’s used?

Are there any other tracking and spyware that is implemented?

I have a request to replace Google Spyware with open source alternative like Matomo Tag Manager.

Thank you for the amazing work and looking forward to see actual implementation of your value in the app.


Hey @Rami90, thanks for your post and enthusiasm for Anytype. I understand that discovering Google analytics was being used on the site was not a nice feeling and created questions about our principles. I apologise for the time it has taken for us to correct this.

We took some time researching privacy-friendly alternatives and wanted to batch our new analytics tool with our website update, which unfortunately took a few weeks longer than expected. We have opted for Fathom Analytics and there will be no traces of Google & Amplitude analytics in the next version of the website. You can expect to see this update coming in the next several days.

I hope we can start to build back your trust and are always open for your questions and feedback.


Thank you, Charlotte, for the quick kind response.
I would love to build back my trust, however there are few big questions that I can’t give a blind eye too.

I’m still wondering if the intention is to focus on privacy, then why did you use Google tags since the start, for over a year!?

And if you believe in transparency and open source, why would you move from Google tags to another close source alternative?
I guess you know that Fathom is closed source, right ?

There are amazing open source alternatives out there.

I don’t want to be negative here, but it’s important to address those issue if you want to promote Anytype to privacy focused people

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Another point to add that Fathom started as an open source project, and they are now closed source.

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Hey @Rami90 , thanks for voicing your concerns. We’ve decided to revisit this topic of how we’re choosing our analytics services (and software service providers generally) to make sure that we are doing this consciously, that everyone internally is aware of these decisions, and that our choices are aligned with our values and our community’s expectations. Please stay tuned for more updates here.


Good to hear that, I’m glad there is openness to reflect on such an important topic.
I would love to see collaboration with open source trusted partners. <3