Flashcard System For Studying

Could a flashcard system be implemented for studying? Something like RemNote’s, or Logseq’s apoach, just something simple.
I know it’s something that could be implemented though the API when released, but I think it would be nice to have it implemented from the beginning.
Also, it would attract a lot of students, so it’s probably worth the effort.
I would like to know what the community thinks about this.
Do you think it should be implemented by the team, or should we wait?


There are so many bugs to solve first that I think it would be better to wait. But I invite you to create a Feature request about it because people should have the possibility to show their interest for this feature.

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Although I’m not familiar with the flashcard features in your aforementioned examples RemNote and Logseq, I’ve had success in creating “flashcards” with toggle blocks - putting the question as the title of the toggle block, and placing answers and any other related content inside of it. It’s certainly not ideal - I don’t see this being implemented in the core Anytype app, but, a plugin certainly may be developed when that rolls out.


Yup, I’ve done that in the past, but having better tools for it, I just can’t go back :smile: I’m using RemNote for studying, but maybe you have heard of Anki? I believe that’s the best known program for that.

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I think that many of us secretly dream of a app to rule them all and having to copy the data from your knowledge app to Anki is a huge waste of time.

But I would like you to share your process.

I don’t use Anki, but that’s what I wanted to discuss, if the community thinks it would be worth the effort to have this feature built in to Anytype or just wait for a community made plugin?
But about this point:

I think Anytype is trying to do so in the next decade or so. Or at least that’s my impression when I read/hear the phrase:

operating system for life

You did well to specify, because in this case from my point of view it is better to focus on other aspects before and as you suggest, leave this work to devs willing to create a plugin for that.

Storytelling, wording, It could just as easily be marketing as a real mission statement, who knows?
I prefer to stick to the facts and basically when we talk about an OS, I imagine something that can replace MacOS, Windows, Android etc…

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