Flash Card Object Type

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

A new object type that helps you create very simple flash cards.

Includes a WYSIWYG Front and Back view

Describe the solution you’d like

I currently use RemNote but its incredibly sluggish and complicated. I love AnyType and would love for it to be my all in one solution for Knowledge Management.

I need a very simple Flash Card Object type that has a front and back view side by side for editing.

For reviewing the cards, it should have a preview mode for a card and Review Mode for a Deck.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Currently I use RemNote but I would rather keep my notes and attachments in AnyType b/c its so fast and clean compared to RemNote.

I want to work out of AnyType without having to duplicate my “knowledge base” in so many different tools.


Would love a feature like this as well.

Where do useful and innovative community requests usually get lost?

  • A: Black hole :hole:
  • B: Neverland :dizzy:
  • C: Limbo :fire:

Does not specifically blame Anytype for this, it’s the game of supply and demand.

As you may already have guess, I would love to see some very powerful flashs cards Object, with MCQ, variable prompt, set specific repetition curve, and so on…

Power users are full of dreams, this might be a clue about the correct answer right aBove :grin:

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I will be working on this, once extension development is possible. Already in contact with the SuperMemo team about licensing.
See the project description:

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