Fixing Kanban overflow

This is less of a request and more of an announcement. Im working on a UI fix for the kanban vertical overflow. Kanban boards with a lot of tasks/objects tend to overflow the y axis a lot, especially for inline sets. Im currently working on a scrollable column that allows the Kanban column to scroll independantly of the whole page. this should save a lot of space and allow for better navigation and displaying of large amounts of information in a compact form.

A branch and PR will be made this evening. i will put the PR in draft mode as its nowhere near ready for an actual merge. something im also looking into fixing the scroll bars in dark mode. its way too light and is an eye sore with the current design.

synopsis of issue:

set overflows page. this is fine for the set page. not for inline sets.

intended solution:

pass a prop flag when rendering inline to enable column scrolling. another possible solution is to make an option for this in the view options. will see when i dive further into the code.

Notes for myself when refering to this:
relevant file paths:
Electron Application

  • src/ts/component/block/dataview/view/board/column.tsx
  • src/scss/block/dataview/view/board.scss

Android Application
Requires Investigation

IOS Application
IDK swift. suffer.

Awesome! Looking forward to your findings and implementation :slight_smile:

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literally a 3 line change in the CSS, although if i want this to be a toggleable option then im gonna have to look into the backend. PR as it stands is a proof of concept.

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