Fix Website on Safari

Describe the bug
Website on Safari desktop is broken.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘

Expected behavior
For the website to look functional like it does in e.g. Firefox. Just the website, not the web app (if there even is one? Not sure if there is)

System Information:

  • OS: macOS Big Sur
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: e.g. Macbook Pro late 2013
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Hi @claus, thanks for posting! As I’m working on Windows myself, could you take a print screen to show in what way the website is broken when browsing with Safari?

Sure, this is all I see. Can’t scroll or anything. I tried turning off add-ons and clearing cache, but it didn’t change.

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Yep, that looks pretty broken to me. Thanks for sharing! I will check who to contact from the Anytype team.

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Could you please open debug console in Safari and show any errors?

@claus Could you please share logs from Safari console?

Can’t confirm bug for now

Sorry guys I’m not a dev, what shoud I do exactly?

Edit, do you mean this?

ꜛFirst visit

ꜛReloaded without content blockers

In both cases I had the website whitelisted in Adguard.

Just tested on a Mac with Safari 15.5 and on a iPadOS device running 16.0 beta, and the websites on both of them appear to be rendered properly without issue.

@claus Can you specify which exact Safari version you’re running? Safari is notorious for having a slow release cycle, so perhaps this might be due to running an older Safari version without realizing.

Something of interest might be this thread of messages from the Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @anytype. There isn’t much useful technical information there, but it does corroborate this bug report.

Very odd. I’ll see what else I can figure out as it seems this issue is isolated to me.

Running 15.5 (16613., 16613)

That Telegram thread’s me :wink:

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Hi @claus, did you check /or can you check) another device in your network with the same browser?

I’ll mark this topic as solved for now as the issue seems to be isolated for you machine (or network). Let us know if find out what the issue was!

Not the exact same, but on my iPad Pro it works fine. If anyone has more ideas on what to check that’d be appreciated.

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