First Impressions - Wanting more database support

My first impressions of this tool are directly influenced with how it compares to Notion.

First of all, I absolutely love how much quicker things load on Anytype. It has most of the same basic features that I’m familiar with and I definitely think this application is heading in the right direction.

That said, the main thing AnyType is missing that’s keeping me from ditching notion is inline databases and database views. I use databases a LOT. Every project I work on has a main page with three inline databases that include to-do items that are open, closed, and archived. On AnyType, it appears that I need to create three separate pages for databases (or “sets” as you call them), and this won’t work for me. Database views are also incredibly important to me and I’d like to see a few more views, including a compact table view, timeline, calendar, and tabs to hold all of these views.

If databases could be improved, I’d highly consider switching over.


Hey, inline sets and simple tables are already being worked on, as far as I know.
Here are the feature requests, if you still like to give them a vote.