First Impressions (Obsidian User)

Hey all! I’ve been using the app and wanted to share how my experiences were with the app. For some background, I only used Obsidian (and not even that much) and never used OneNote or Notion.

The first thing I wanted to note when I first loaded the app I couldn’t log back in. I had that “add replicatorAddr attempts exceeded” error a couple of folks were having here. It fixed itself after deleting the local files from AppData/Roaming and updating the app (in case anyone else is having this issue).

Since I’m just familiar with Obsidian and not apps like Notion, I’m not sure if I’m using anytype correctly. I cleaned things up and, on my profile page, created toggle lists for each of the things I wanted to keep track of in Anytype (day-to-day notes, music, games, personal projects, and work notes). After filling each list I then converted each item into Objects. I was not sure what object template to use, so I ended up making most as notes or documents. Looking back at it now, I probably should have created object templates myself, since a lot of my stuff is formatted in a similar way (for example: current tasks, toc, activity list, details on each activity).

There was a bit of trouble with formatting once the text was turned into an object, I’m not sure on the exact steps, but while changing the text styles I had a permanent underline in one object that I couldn’t remove even when changing it back to text. Deleting and then linking back using the / menu did the trick. Also sometimes moving the mouse cursor over options can make the pop-out menu disappear for some reason; for example: I created an object, changed the appearance to card view, then moved my mouse cursor over the preview layout text — which caused the text or card selection to flicker. Customization of the object links and the card view is a bit lacking, but it still looks pretty good.

With my notes in place, I started filling them up with my previous markdown notes from Obsidian. The first thing I noticed is that there is no simple table format (or even a complex table format at all), this makes things a bit harder for a lot of my notes, especially since I tend to use a lot of them in place of lists and for academic stuff. A simple .csv convert would be good. Tables using GFM format or HTML would also be awesome to see. LaTeX could work too, but maybe that would work better as a user-created plugin (too much work).

Other than that it works perfectly. The only few things I would add is a way to recognize lists and line dividers (for example, a simple regex check for /n -(+) /n would work).

Is there a specific date that you guys plan to open the GitHub page (or whatever source control site you guys plan to use)?

Also, an option to close the app fully instead of minimizing to the system tray would be nice!
Some more appearance options would be cool too, like fonts, line character length…

Update (this is after ~3 weeks of use): However, it seems like everything I’ve talked about here is already either being worked on (such as tables) or in the feature requests already, so a big thumbs up to the devs and the community! :slight_smile:

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