First Impressions: Looking forward to seeing this project grow!

Ever since I started getting into digital notes, I’ve been on the hunt for a note-taking system that’s a perfect fit for me. After playing around with the AnyType, I think the app has the potential to do just that.

I’m a fan of the object-oriented approach. The templates for objects give my notes structure. On other note-taking apps (I mainly use Notion and Obsidian), I sometimes get distracted with formatting my notes and making sure I leave no parts of the content forgotten. I always hate myself afterwards because I feel like I’ve lost productivity.

I believe the objects system does come with a bit of a learning curve. At first, I was overwhelmed because there were plenty of options to choose from. Although AnyType is packed with features, I only find myself using 10-30% of it.

Having elements of notes as blocks feels comfortable. It’s a clean WYSIWYG interface without any fuss. I appreciate the simplicity of being able to drag and drop parts of my notes and make a layout with ease.

After using many note-taking apps, I found that file structures are not my thing. AnyType allows me to link notes together. Even though it is messy, I think connecting my ideas is more intuitive than organizing my notes through folders. As someone who’s trying to make a PKM, I think AnyType has the tools for the job.

I know the project is in its early stages and I’m looking forward to the day I can use this as my go-to note-taking app.

Here are my suggestions for the app:

  • inline LaTex support. I’ve always wanted to organize mathematical concepts that I learn in class. The lack of inline LaTex makes it difficult for me to use AnyType for writing my school notes.
  • A basic built-in spelling checker. I find it frustrating that I have no way of knowing if I make a spelling mistake. This becomes apparent when I write notes spanning multiple paragraphs and have to look for a single spelling mistake. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
  • A way to search a specific note or my entire notes. It’s a great quality of life feature that will make navigating notes easier. Obsidian has this feature and I think it would fit right in with AnyType.
  • Add h3 and h4. I’m not sure if people agree with me here, but I think we need more subheadings. Sometimes, the heading-subheading combo just isn’t enough for my content.
  • Support for custom and user-generated themes! I’m sure there are people like me who appreciate personalization the looks and aesthetics of our note-taking app. I wanna make AnyType feel unique to me I guess.

Overall, AnyType is a great app. It takes the best from Notion and Obsidian (two of my other favorite note-taking apps). It’s promising… and I really wanna keep using this in the future.


Ideal feedback! Thanks so much for detailing your thoughts and expectations for Anytype. These kind of insights are absolutely vital to us. Please feel free to contribute your ideas to the “Feature Requests” section here on the forums. Come back soon @munchkins !