First Impressions | Learning Curve & Ease of Use


This project is amazing, first of all. I am so thrilled with how incredible this project is looking like already, and I can’t wait for the upcoming features.

I am so excited for how in depth this is in organizing more than just my thoughts but my whole Hard Drive and documents and projects. It feels daunting how much I can expose my brain schema to this tool and be assisted by it. This means of course that privacy is an absolute must, and I will be looking into how that’s been structured because I feel vulnerable using this tool. Which is incredible to feel when interfacing with a software. There is an inherent vulnerability to things stored virtually, and it’s hard to feel entirely safe using a digital tool. How have others found comfort in that?

I wish file management was a little easier off the bat, I wish I could mass select in the graph view and be able to delete a lot of files at once. A lot seems to happen on the background of the app, and I wish I had fuller control and be able to be curating it as I go.

Visually the app is quite bare still and I am eager to see how the interface will evolve, specially on desktop, where if I fullscreen the app on the main page, there is a huge blank gap between my name and image and the favorite box, I wish I could adjust the size inbetween and I hope themes are introduced at some point.

I can’t wait to keep poking at this. Thank you for granting access to this tool for alpha testing. I hope I can be helpful.