First Impressions- Great Program! and Suggestions


Providing some feedback after trying out for the first time. The program is in alpha stage so I hope these features will be considered which would add value to the final product and very useful for newbies like me.

User: I am a first time user for a notion like app. I’m mostly interested in using it for knowledge base . I have experience with basic markdown but tend to use notebook like organisational structured system like notability and OneNote. I would like to shift to a markdown based system for its toggled and nested features, interconnectedness.

What worked:

  1. Syncing : I found that the app syncing worked perfectly between devices. I y issuesuse android, Ipad and windows pc , and didnt face an
  2. Signup: the privacy based signed up with the generated key was quite easy to setup !
  3. Private space: I think the app has achieved its primary aim to be an offline, private server based program without involvement of the big tech. Since this is one of the main features of the app and together with the seamless fast syncing and cross platform support it works great.
  4. The transitions ,UI , color schemes, fonts are visually quite appealing.

Some points from a new user:

  1. Haven’t used notion/craft/ and other similar apps before, I found Anytype to be quite confusing. I ended up downloading other softwares and trying them out, and learned the “language.” of such apps like objects, relations, without reading any tutorials , Those felt more intuitive to get the hang of. Someone who is a programmer or a pro-notion user might understand how to get around and pick up faster though.

  2. The reason I believe Anytype didn’t achieve this is because it lacked a structure. For eg, the side menu bar by default displayed sets of notes and bookmarks. The note set started displaying all notes within the app that were made. New sets could be made but there wasn’t any use of the sidebar. Even in the onboarding demo, the sidebar was barely used. Mainly because it didn’t provide the usefulness of navigation. It would be better to have some standard hierarchy system. For eg Worskpace > notebook> pages . And the objects be what templates are for those pages?. Perhaps renaming sets to something else? I don’t know what it really is.

  3. initially when I made a page, it was only found in history and I didn’t know where it went. This was because of lack of a system to understand what fits in what ( for eg I use my simple windows knowledge of Workspace, then folders, then subfolders, then pages ).
    I didnt know my bearings around the program starting fresh. I later found out that it could be found via the search bar.I didn’t quite understand how to use sets in my workflow. I understand that there are several views one can make. Which is helpful. But my main use is not to have all notes in on page . Rather than how things are structured as a filing system.

  4. I noticed in one of the screenshots on the website there was another tab called Spaces . I believe this was removed from the current version? I understood that spaces meant like workspaces . I dont see that Tab in my app.

  5. The onboarding video showed neat thumbnails of work, home, and other categories. It would be nice to have these present by default with the option to start clear for someone who wants a totally fresh start.

Additional Features request

  1. It would be nice to have Apple Pencil support to insert handwritten sketches.
  2. A mindmap view with editor . ( not the one which shows the relations and how they are connected but with a tree diagram / flowchart view ) . Essentially, a button, which turns outline/ lists or blocks in a page to mindmap like xmind,Taskcade.

Thanks a lot for your feedback @dreamer. Impressions from new users is really valuable for our team. For now we were more focused on individuals with some background experience. But we are really looking forward to make it more easy and appealing for newcomers. We will integrate your feedback in our app as we develop :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: