First Impressions from One day of usage by Notion User

I am using Notion-type applications to organize my writing projects (research, characters, locations, manuscript, etc). After using Notion for a month, I decided to look for alternatives as I needed full offline capabilities.

After looking at forums, I found that Anytype is the closest alternative function-wise even with different architectures.

There are a few changes from notion that I liked even before six hours of usage:

  • One of the changes that caught me off guard is that the templates are tied to object types. I had trouble with this at first, but eventually I got used to it. Getting used to it helped a lot as having different types of objects makes the template creation much easier than in Notion (in that site, you have to copy-and-paste quite a lot).
  • Another nice change is that the presence of relations makes the “recursive” items (ie. making a location that is a part of an existing location). Making things better is that the Sets feature allows me to keep track with changes easier.

There are several weak points, however:

  • Importing directly from Notion couldn’t produce any result yet. Importing from the Notion’s exported markdown zip resulted in a blank page although the original page was quite long.
  • Exporting produces a markdown and zip which doesn’t contain the relations and object types which would otherwise help in backing up and restoring the projects.
  • The Navigation is quite janky when it comes to linked pages. In the sidebar, when a link is added, the list should acknowledge the change by displaying the article linked to them as their “child”. And if a link is removed from the page, the page of the removed link should not be displayed as their “child”.
  • The trash bin’s selection mode should not force me to click only the checkmark. The selection area should be expanded to span the selected object’s card.
  • In addition, I would like to have a “toggle” option for the title, heading, and subheading which is available in Notion.
  • I’d like the addition of non-page templates i.e templates that cover multiple objects.

I hope this impression helps. I will keep using this to organize my projects as this app is promising despite their flaws.


  • In sidebar, the current page should be highlighted instead of the last visited page.
  • And there should be a section which lists all pages in the sidebar, not just favorites.

A better Notion import should be available very soon iirc.


@Hunter10bt, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it!
Could you tell us more about your experience?
— Regarding Notion import, what do you mean by “not producing any result yet”?
— If you can, please provide more details about the navigation problems, ideally as a video or screenshot. Thank you again.

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For the sidebar navigation, I will attach this side-to-side screenshot for comparison.

One of the additions I liked is the Recent section which allows for a faster editing.

I wish that there is a way to explore all pages (not just recent and favorite pages) like Notion.

About the Notion import, I tried:

  • Exporting Notion’s pages to zip (of markdowns) file before importing to Anytype, which resulted in a bunch of empty pages where the original pages were long.
  • And then the direct import from Notion which appeared to work but the result was just a bunch of pages without the tree relations and a lot of unsupported blocks (especially inline links and collapsible headers).

I wish there is a support for the collapsible headers as I rely on them for longer pages.

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