First impressions - couple days of testing


So I made a little list of my observations after couple of days of using Anytype. (Macbook Pro M1 Pro, Ventura 13.2)

  1. Dragging multiple items at the same time does not work for me
  2. Right clicking on a picture and being able to replace existing picture with new one would be a good addition (not only the cover)
  3. On MacOS - after highlighting a section of the document “Backspace” should be used to delete the highlighted parts, not “Del” as “Del” does not exist on mac keyboards
  4. App crashes sometimes after being used for a longer period of time (1h+). Can’t add new objects, when trying to close the app whole screen goes black.
  5. List of notes? I have some duplicated notes and don’t know where to find these/which one is used where.
  6. Discord is dead even though there is a lot of people in it.
  7. Custom themes would be a nice addition later in the development.
  8. Searching through the content is not intuitive. When trying to search (using the search bar) for a tag, it should show everything with that tag. I souldn’t have to create a new page, then do the filter, then add the filter etc, this makes no sense.

Overall I am happy with the application and at the moment, (even with the issues listed above) I think it will take over as my collection management and work/uni/home organisation application. I like the way the mac app looks and how fast and responsive it is.