First impressions - Basic functionality and ditto UX

Hi, very new to Anytype and this seems lika a potentially awesome product that could become the center. But, as per usual, it doesn’t matter if the paradigm is new and fantastical, basic things will be the threshold for everyday use. Of course, I appreciate that this is alpha software, but feedback is what you want, right? :grinning:

In no particular order, then, other than my discovery of them:

  • Onboarding could be much smoother. Starting with the abstract concepts of types, sets, etc becomes a philosophy lecture and I thinks it would be better to start bottom up by creating things together, Inspiration could be taken from the Mem private beta program onboarding.
  • Also, lots of different codes and catchphrases. Different for download, app and community. Lots of fiddling about, must be smoother user journey for the beta.
  • Sync is quite slow, even over fiber wi-if and 5G. So slow that you get a ‘heart in the throat’ moment: Where is that note??
  • On that note (pun intended!), where is export? Tested writing a speech/lecture script (talking points) and that went well, but nervous about alpha software I wanted to export the note to another app just to have a backup. Couldn’t find export where I as a user expected it: Under the three dots up in the right corner. (Nor anywhere else.)
  • The note in question had a title and a ‘file name’ and everything. But when I added a cover image, the note wanted me to add a new/other title? Plus, that title was preceded by a check box - but this not or it’s title isn’t a task. (The type is still note as well.)
  • I created this note under ‘Notes’ and after realized that there where also ‘Work Notes’ pre-created. But I could not find any ‘Move’ option like in other apps (again, normal UX would be under the three dots) and clicking the Type or Category - i.e. where it says ‘Notes’ didn’t bring up any options either.
  • When writing in the note/text editor everything works fine, except that the down arrow on the keyboard doesn’t take me to the next paragraph. Very annoying when editing something with many bullets!
  • I added tags to the note, but when I’m ‘outside’ the note, in the general interface, I can’t see any way to filter by/find the tags? Did I add them in the wrong place?
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@magnus thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Could you share a screenshot of this?

Of course, trying to add an image here, but clicked the image icon just inserts some code and the text ‘Add image’…. :smiley: