First Impressions after a couple of weeks of use

I’ve been looking for something that is E2E and has features that I would find useful. I have tried to use Evernote, Obsidian, Notion, OneNote, Notesnook, Samsung Notes… Lots of different things. Something always felt lacking.

First impression: I love Anytype, conceptually. I love the “mind map” functionality that is like Obsidian. I love how easy it is to format the contents of objects. I love how easy it is to create relationships between objects. The idea of relating objects in Anytype the way my brain relates objects is really appealing. I really appreciate E2E.

My “use case” for Anytype was originally that I wanted an E2E “filing” cabinet for bills, medical, other documents. I have ADHD and I have a really difficult time dealing with paperwork. I’ve had really good success scanning paperwork to PDF and organizing it in Notesnook. But coming across Anytype, I’ve realized that my needs for this kind of thing have evolved. I’m really very interested in using Anytype to keep other things that I readily forget. For example, I am really looking forward to being able to keep information about my “contacts,” birthdays, kids’ names, addresses, miscellaneous notes. I could give many examples of the ways Anytype has shifted my thinking. :slight_smile:

Things Anytype does best:

  • Templates
  • “Mind Map”
  • Relationships based on objects rather than simple linking of pages

Things Anytype could do better:

  • Objects already created with a template don’t have the option of updating based on the template.
  • It’s kind of awkward to have to find every object that uses a specific relation in order to remove the “options” (i.e. a “tag” relation)
    ** In same way as going into the object type window and clicking on the type to see those objects and the templates available with the ability to go into them and edit them… it would be nice to be able to do that from the Relations window.
  • I have a hard time finding all of my objects. I reckon that I can create a way to see them all at once, but it seems like something that would be good to have already as a default set or something like that.
    ** Maybe the ability to see the diagram view without having to be in an object?

I really, really love this project. I’m super thankful to be able to participate in testing. I think what you’re doing is super important and I look forward to the future of Anytype.


After the fact, I thought of something else. I tend to use a 2-in-1 laptop for everything and I really like to use my pen/stylus. I have an active stylus that I like to use.

It doesn’t allow me to “right” click or “left” click or “left click and drag” in an object like I would be able to with a mouse. I’m not sure if that’s me or something in the app that would have to be accounted for but hasn’t been yet? Super curious. :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

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Just as a quick note on your second post: did you try tap and hold to do a right mouse click? Depending on the OS you are using this is probably how it works outside of Anytype.

Holding gets me the same thing i get if i use my finger. I have a “right click” button on my pen. I’m using windows 11. The pen works the way I expect in other apps with clicking and dragging, clicking and holding, using the right click button.

Thanks for warm feedback @Zhaan.
We are aware of each point of your “could be better” part and are going to improve this parts.
About pen support I will ask devs about this.


Pen interactions will take significant time to implement properly. We decided to postpone after we will ship public release